Educating the Educators

Resident-Performed Glaucoma Surgery, Sandra Johnson, MD, University of Virginia
Tips for Problem Surgeons - Susan Ksiazek, MD, University of Chicago
Using the OSCAT to Enhance Teaching & Learning of Basic Exam Skills - Janice Law, MD, Vanderbilt University
Academic Improvement Plans - Michael Rauser, MD, Loma Linda University
Vision Rehab Education Program - Mary Lou Jackson, MD, Harvard University

Management Symposium: Top Ten Management Problems in Ophthalmology.

The Institution is Dismissive of Ophthalmology and We are Always on the Cutting Block When Resource Planning Occurs (Dealing with Peers and Leaders)
David L. Epstein, MD (Duke University)
Gregory L. Skuta, MD (University of Oklahoma)

Faculty and Staff are Continually Coming to Me to Complain About Our Management Team (End Around? Appropriate Training and Support?)
Jay C. Collins (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio)

While it is Easier for Me to Just Get Things Done, I Never Have the Time to Keep My Head Above Water (The Art of Delegation)
Ronald E. Smith, MD (University of Southern California)

As Soon as a Top Employee (or Faculty Recruit) is Functioning Well, They Leave and We Have to Start All Over Again (Leader Empowerment and Morale)
Steven E. Feldon, MD, MBA (University of Rochester)
John Meade (University of Rochester)
Mark J. Mannis, MD, FACS (University Of California, Davis)

Faculty Turnover, Especially When They Set Up Shop Just Down the Street, is Killing Us (Non-Compete and Faculty Enrichment)
Sigrid V. Button (Oregon Health & Science University)
Susan H. Day, MD (California Pacific Medical Center)

While Staff Turnover is Low, it is Always Our Best People Who are Leaving (Poor Working Environment)
Peter A. Netland, MD, PhD (University of Virginia)

We Just Completed a Masked Survey and Morale is Not Good at Our Place (Staff Appreciation and Morale Building)
Donald J. D’Amico, MD (Weill Cornell Medical College)
Danielle Johnson (Weill Cornell Medical College)
Nicholas J. Volpe, MD (Northwestern University)

Too Many Patients on Exit Surveys are Saying They Will Never Come Back and Will Never Recommend Us to Others (Patient Satisfaction Emphasis)
Oscar A. Cruz, MD (Saint Louis University)

I Need to Take a Valium Before Any Faculty or Staff Meeting (Set Expectations, Faculty Type, and Team Building)
Cheryl Formes, RN, BSN (University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas)
James P. McCulley, MD (University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas)

We Always Seem to be in Crisis Mode, Reacting to the Crisis du Jour, and Just Do Not Have Time to Plan for the Future (Poor or Ineffective Strategic and Tactical Planning)
Beth Miller (University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville)
James C. Tsai, MD (Yale University)

Straatsma Award Lecture

Maintaining Our Focus: Patient-Centered Care in a Changing Health Care Environment - Richard Harper, MD, University of Arkansas

President’s Symposium: For Everything There is a Season - Passages: Life Cycle of Chairs

Do You Want to be a Chair? - David Epstein, MD, Duke University
Negotiating for the Chair Position - Ronald Smith, MD, University of Southern California
What I Missed Knowing - Donald D’Amico, MD, Weill Cornell Medical College
The First Few Years - Eduardo Alfonso, MD, University of Miami
The First Five Years - Keith Carter, MD, University of Iowa
The Second Five Years - Joel Schuman, MD, University of Pittsburgh
How to Prevent Burnout - Oscar Cruz, MD, Saint Louis University
A Second Decade - Joan Miller, MD, Harvard Medical School
Should a Chair Become a Dean? - Paul Sternberg, Jr., MD, Vanderbilt University
When Should a Chair Consider Stepping Down as Chair? - Michael Kass, MD, Washington University
A Business Plan for Chair Tenure - Randall Olson, MD, University of Utah
Life After Chairmanship: Confessions of a P.I.P. - Morton Goldberg, MD, Johns Hopkins University
An Administrator’s Perspective - Jonathan Smith, MBA, MS, COE, University of California, Los Angeles

AUPO/RPB Resident & Fellow Research Forum

Intrinsic Properties Guide Proximal Abducens and Oculomotor Nerve Outgrowth - Veeral Shah, MD, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Symposium: Becoming a Clinician Scientist Today

Hobbyist, Team Player or Lab Rat: Defining the Clinician Scientist - Steven Feldon, MD, MBA, University of Rochester
Do Academic Eye Departments Need Clinician Scientists? Yes - Joan O’Brien, University of Pennsylvania
Do Academic Eye Departments Need Clinician Scientists? No - Oscar Cruz, MD, Saint Louis University
Early Picks (The MD, PhD and Others with Research Experience) - Joan Miller, MD, Harvard Medical School
Late Bloomers (No Experience Necessary) - Peter McDonnell, MD, Johns Hopkins University
Mentor Perspective - J. Mark Petrash, PhD, University of Colorado
Career Development Awards (RPB, NEI, Other) - Bartly Mondino, MD, University of California, Los Angeles
Getting That First R01 - David Epstein, MD, Duke University

Managing the Department: Skills for Chairs Workshop

Fundraising: Key to the Future - Randall Olson, MD, University of Utah
Two Surprises/Challenges I Faced as a New Chair: How to Cope and How to Prepare - Joan O’Brien, MD, University of Pennsylvania

Medical Student Educators Workshop: Teaching in the Age of Distraction

Edu-tainment 2012: Engaging the Millenial Mind - Linda Lippa, MD, University of California, Irvine
The Current State of Ophthalmic Education in North American Medical Schools - Jake Waxman, MD, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Teaching Under Pressure - JoAnn Giaconi, MD, University of California, Los Angeles
What is Really Important to our Students 10 Years Out? - Susan Hall Forster, MD, Yale University School of Medicine
Just in Time Teaching - Rukhsana Mirza, MD, Northwestern University
Medskool2.0: Where YouTube Meets the NEJM - Sanjay Sharma, BSc, MD, FRCS(C), MSC (Epid), MBA, Queen’s University

Electronic Medical Records Workshop

Introduction: From "Shock and Awe," to "Ah Shucks - ‘Twern’t Nothin’" - Steven Feldon, MD, MBA , University of Rochester
Close Encounters of Some Kind: Getting Through an Exam - Keith Carter, MD, University of Iowa
Workflow - James McCulley, MD, University of Texas Southwestern

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